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JUN, 9. 2021


Vanlifers Documentary Movie 

Serial Kombi Online store collaboration.


Come SERIAL-Kombi abbiamo proficuamente collaborato con Armando diverse volte negli ultimi anni, in particolare per il Video “Vanlifers” e per il canale YouTube “Westfalia Digital Nomads”. Siamo un’azienda francese che commercializza ricambi e accessori per Volkswagen Transporter dal T1 al T6 e anche articoli per il tempo libero e il campeggio. Armando ha reso appieno e in maniera professionale nei suoi video lo spirito di libertà che permea la vera “vanlife” e che è legato profondamente all’attività che svolgiamo. Ha realizzato anche una “puntata” presso i locali della nostra azienda durante uno dei suoi continui pellegrinaggi, con spunti creativi e mostrando il “dietro le quinte” che i nostri clienti non possono vedere da casa loro. Armando ha anche rappresentato un ottimo feedback per alcuni degli articoli che vendiamo, testandoli per noi sul campo.

OCT, 4. 2018

Web Video

Travel Storyteller

Video Intro for traveling storyteller project

OCT, 4. 2018

Web Video

Sicily from Above

Short video about the beauty of Sicily from above

OCT, 4. 2018

Web Video

Something About The Sea

Short video about Giuseppe the Fisheman





Armando Costantino is a 20-year veteran in creating and developing video with a fresh touch, using the latest technologies and equipment that match the current needs of his clients.
With a multimedia background, from motion picture to television, from commercials to corporate videos and virals, he can interpret and provide an interesting and unusual point of view on the job he's hired for.

He is simultaneously working on his personal videos, while traveling around Europe. His situation as a digital nomad gives him a stronger and more positive way of thinking about his work, resulting in the best delivery for his clients.
He has won several prizes and awards for his projects recently, along with the trust and confidence of many clients he works with around the world.
He manages to work as a videographer and video editor, using professional equipment for production and postproduction, with good skills on several types of the latest software. It gives an additional touch and personal detail to the final video render.
With a fast turnaround, he can give you the best balance between high-quality, prompt timing and a reasonable budget. His good communication skills provide solutions before beginning any project.
Contact him today to see if he can work his magic with your company or campaign.

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Top professional! Great listener, a joy to work with and I'm very happy with his work. Will definitely work with him again. Highly recommended!

Evany I. United Kingdom Wandsworth

I am extremely satisfied with his work as before and will remain a loyal client as my needs permit. He is Highly recommended by me to all. Armando was more than a pleasure to work with, he was a very special individual that sincerely puts customer service at the forefront of his business relations.

Tynique T. United States San Francisco

The man is a genius! My kind of guy, I am going to work with him on all my projects, I suggest you do too!

Priyesh P. United Kingdom Cambridge

Armando gives excellent service, great editing and does the job quickly. He is HIGHLY recommended!

M B. Norway Oslo